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RİZE at a Glance


345,662 (2021)

Annual Population Growth

3.78 ‰

Net İmmigration

1.02 %

Unemployment Ratio

9.9 % (2021) (TR90)

Median Age



3,922 km² (lakes excluded)


67.66 %

Population Density

88 people/km2


41° 01.2' North 40° 31.2' East

Time Zone

GMT +3

Neighboring Cities

Trabzon, Erzurum, Artvin,

Major Counties (Urban Population)

Centre (119,828), Ardeşen (30,645), Çayeli (24,583), Pazar (17,946)


Warm and rainy

Telephone Code

+90 464

Country Code Top-Level Domain


Annual Export

208 million USD (2021)

Annual Import

56.5 million USD (2021)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Members


Annual Inflation Rate

36.08% (CPI – 2021/12 TR)

Major Exported Goods

Metallic ore, food and beverage, fishery

Major Imported Goods

Coal, chemicals and products, machine and equipment

Major Agricultural Products

Tea leaves, hazelnut, kiwi, blueberry

Major Underground Sources

Copper, iron, manganese, marble, geothermal

Major Produced Goods

Tea, woven fabric, packaged natural spring water

Trade Agreements

Customs Union Agreement with the EU

Free Trade Agreements with Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, EFTA member countries (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia


Rize-Artvin Airport

Distance to border gate

Sarp border gate 104 km.


Province of Rize, which has 12 towns, 18 municipalities and 347 villages, has a population of 345,662 and 233,866 of total population (67.66%) inhabits in city centers, while 111,796 (%33.34) live in rural areas. Population growth rate is recorded as 3.78 ‰ for 2021 (country average is 12.75 ‰). 2021 net migration rate is 1.02 %. Population of the city center is 150,414. The land area of the city comprises 3,922 square kilometers and population density is 88 inhabitants per km² while the average population density of Türkiye is 110. The proportion of young population entering into working-age (15-24 age range) is 14.84 %. Population in working-age (15-64 age range) represents 67.78% of total population.

Labor Force

According to 2021 year data, TR90 has 62.6% labor force participation rate (Türkiye’s average is 57.2%). Employment rate is 49.7% (TR average 45.2%). Unemployment rate is 9.9%. According to 2021 data, there are 22,690 unemployed, consisting of 13,026 men and 9,664 women, registered to İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency). According to SGK data, at the end of the 2021 there are 93,792 insured people. Only 13.42% of them are agricultural insured or small business owners. Although people work in different jobs, most of the local people in Rize are engaged in tea farming.


Rize has 4 public hospitals, 1 training and research hospital, 4 district hospitals, 1 private hospital, 1 private medical center. Total bed capacity within these health facilities 1,121. 802 doctors are serving in Rize where there is one doctor for each 431 inhabitants.


Literacy rate is 96.7% in general, comprising 98.4% literacy rate among men, and 94.7% among women. The number of people, who has college or faculty degree or higher, is 55,148. Schooling ratio is above the TR average. The number of students per teacher 14 and 11 for primary and secondary schools whereas it is 18 for general high school. Total number of education institutions of pre-primary, primary education, upper secondary education, vocational and technical education is 303. Total number of students is 63,395. In addition, there are 13 Public Education Centre in the province. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University has 42 academic units constituted by 1 institute, 15 faculties, 3 colleges, 6 vocational schools, 17 centers for practice and research. It has 527 academician and 628 academic staff, and totally 17,054 students.

Social and Cultural Life

In Rize during 2011-2021, 228 plays of state theaters had been put on stage 468 times, and 149,852 spectators attended these events. Total number of public libraries in Rize and its districts is 16, which include 222,815 books. In 2021 number of users is 42,170 and 29,199 books had been lended. In addition, there are three museums in Rize, Ethnographic Museum, Atatürk's House Museum and Çaykur Tea Museum.

Underground Resources

Rize has potential for copper, iron, granite, manganese and geothermal resources. Rize constitutes 5.3 percent in metal ore export of Türkiye in 2021. Çayeli- Madenköy copper-lead-zinc area which is operated by Çayeli Copper Co. Inc. is estimated to exhaust in a near future.

Agriculture and Livestock

Agricultural area in Rize is 58,185 ha. 95.2% of its agricultural area is used for tea production. Agricultural activities are limited because of the inadequacy of agricultural lands. Agricultural production of city is 4.08 billion TL in 2021 and constitutes 1.3% of Türkiye overall.
The size of animal husbandry activities is not developed, so total value of live animals and animal products in Rize constitutes just 0.3% of Türkiye’s corresponding values.
Eastern Black Sea Region provides around 45% of Turley’s sea products. Rize has the biggest production on sea products after Ordu, Trabzon and İstanbul.

Domestic Trade

According to the Entrepreneur Information System data, in Rize, there are 14,672 enterprises in 2020 and the total turnover of these enterprises is 18.37 billion TL.
Most of the turnover in Rize happened in the level of “Wholesale and Retail Trade; Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles” (8.44 billion TL). The second place is “Manufacturing” (5.81 billion TL) and “Construction” (1.22 billion TL) is in the third place.
In Rize, 3.65 billion TL worth of retail trade (excluding motor vehicles and motorcycles), 3 billion TL worth of wholesale trade (excluding motor land vehicles and motorcycles), and 1.8 billion TL of repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles by wholesale and retail trade happened in 2020. 90% of the turnover in the manufacturing sector (5.25 billion TL) is at the level of manufacture of food products. The largest share in the manufacture of food products belongs to the coffee and tea-processing sector with a turnover of 4.68 billion TL. It is understood from this that the most important economic activity in Rize trade is the processing of coffee and tea.
According to Yer-Sis data, the five cities that Rize makes the most sales are respectively İstanbul (1.75 billion TL), Ankara (596.1 million TL), Trabzon (462.3 million TL), İzmir (259.2 million TL) and Artvin (193.4 million TL). The top five cities in Rize's purchases are respectively İstanbul (2.4 billion TL), Ankara (714.9 million TL), Trabzon (701.7 million TL), Kocaeli (487.7 million TL) and Samsun (430.3 million TL).

Foreign Trade

In 2021 Rize made USD 208.43 million of total export. With this amount Rize ranks 10th among 18 Black Sea Region provinces and 47th among all provinces of Türkiye. On the other hand, total import of the province is USD 56.51 million. Rize’s export in mining of metal ores comprises 53.31% of overall exports of the province and 5.3% of Türkiye metal ore export.
A very large part of exports in the province of Rize is carried out by a Canadian company named as First Quantum Mining Co. that owns Çayeli Copper Operations. In addition, although the province's economy is largely dependent on tea, its contribution to the exports is hardly any, and almost all of tea production is consumed through the domestic market.


Transportation in Rize is carried out by road and maritime transport. Currently, air transportation to Rize is provided from Rize-Artvin Airport, which was opened on 14 May 2022. Rize-Artvin airport improved the transportation infrastructure of the city. Completion of Rize Organized Industrial Zone and Ovit Tunnel, which is gate between Black Sea Area and southern regions of Türkiye making transportation easier and faster, increased importance of Rize in terms of logistics. Rize port with its hub location in transits has 170,000 m2 hinterland and 11,000 m2 indoor space.


In 2021, public investments with an amount of 4,286.4 million TL has been addressed to Rize. Top three sectors by public investment are transportation (2,052.2 million TL), housing (1,840.1 million TL) and agriculture (153.8 million TL).
According to the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye, there are 247 firms with capacity report in the province. The economic activity of 120 firms is processing of tea, which constitutes nearly half of the total number of firms.


In 2019, 1,024,010 tourists visited Rize where 134,173 of them were foreign visitors. However there has been a significant drop in the number of the tourists because of the covid-19 pandemic since 2020. In 2021, 415,718 tourists visited Rize where 25,779 of them were foreign visitors. There are three 5 stars, eight 3 stars, two 2 stars hotels along with 80 bungalow houses and small pensions, most of which are located in Çamlıhemşin district. Total capacity of those facilities consists of 3,076 rooms with 6,767 beds. In addition, there are 9 hotels with investment certificates taken from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. After the completion of these investments, total accommodation capacity will grow by 498 rooms and 982 beds.
There are two Cultural and Tourism Preservation and Development Regions in Rize; Ayder and Anzer. According to the new investment incentive systems, although Rize is in 3th investment incentive region, tourism investments on these regions benefit from 5th region’s incentives.


According to the data sourced by Provincial Directorate of Industry and Technology, significant amount of the registered industrial businesses composed by tea factories owned by ÇAYKUR and private businesses. 11,783 of 15,490 industrial personnel are employed in tea industry. The number of enterprises registered in the industry in Rize is 445. As the infrastructure of Rize Organized Industrial Zone is completed, companies started the facility investments which will produce 1,300 new job opportunity.
In central Rize and its districts, there are 6 Small Industrial Estates which contain 835 active workplaces.


There are 11 banks operating with 45 branches in Rize. Number of people per branch is 7,681. Total deposits are 9.13 billion TL while the total loans are 11.21 billion TL. Deposit per branch is 203 million TL, and loan per branch is 249 million TL. In 2021, loan/deposit ratio is 122.8 while it is 94.1 for the average of Türkiye.

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