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In order to accelerate the development process of the region and to implement critical activities for the region, our agency can provide financial and technical support to regional actors in the areas specified in the regional plan and programs, the annual work program and the relevant application guidelines. In this context, you can reach detailed information about the financial and technical supports that can be provided by our agency by clicking on the headings below.

The call for proposals is to invite potential applicants whose qualifications are clearly defined under a specific support program to submit a project proposal in accordance with the pre-determined issues and conditions.

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The Agency can provide direct financial support to the feasibility studies of projects aimed to benefit from important opportunities for development and competitiveness of the region, prevent threats and risks to the regional economy, and develop the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity of the region. This type of support does not apply to the call for proposals.

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Technical support can be provided in the form of institutional and capacity building activities such as providing training, contributing to program and project preparation, assigning temporary expert personnel, providing consultancy, lobbying and establishing international relations.

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Guided project support is a type of support created to provide direct financial and technical support to projects that will contribute to accelerating regional development and developing entrepreneurship and innovation capacity in the region without applying a call for proposals.

The Agency determines the general framework of the project and the area to be implemented and then identifies the possible actors to implement the project. In such supports, partnerships of universities, public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations are encouraged.

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